The Creators left this world

Quertiana was created by Abvenies – four gods who ruled four elements.  The gods lived among people and Quertiana was growing under their control.  Millennia went on before Abvenies summoned its Defenders to fight off the Enemy. Before they left the Abvenies had created the Mechanism to protect Quertiana and had left four Heirs who would control the work of the Mechanism. For hundreds of years, the Lords ruled Quertiana and controlled the mechanism, awaiting the return of the Abvenies. But years passed, and the Gods did not return. It is in human nature to forget things that should not be forgotten. And after dozens of generations the Abvenies, the Mechanism and the Lords turned first into a story, then into a myth, and finally into a fairy tale that only children believe. Struggle for power, intrigues and corruption, selfish desires and relentless ambitions - this is Quertiana’s present. People forgot everything…but the Mechanism continues its work and Quertiana is nearing the point of no return.

The powerful state of Talig which had previously subjugated the entire continent, is in severe political decline. The country is torn apart by internal political conflicts. Nobles fight each other- major ones for spheres of influence and power, the minors sell state secrets to foreign spies and try to grab everything they can. In the city of Aggaris, which is the spiritual and religious center of the world, Esperador (the head of the church) is seriously ill and church orders begin a political game for the church throne. The large states of Driexen , Guyifa and Kagetha, wish to destroy the Talig monopoly and are ready to strengthen the political and military confrontation. Enniohl, the elder of a closed community of Goghans, finds a connection between the legends of the past and present events and comes to the conclusion that the current Great Rift is the most terrible in the last few thousand years, and can be turn up a catastrophical disaster for the whole world. The world of Quertiana is on the brink of an all-out war, and a mystical cataclysm

Vera Kamsha – the author

Vera Kamsha is a Russian journalist and writer working in the epic fantasy genre . The works of Vera Kamsha possess Eastern European aesthetics, contain a large number of original and extraordinary characters as well as, well-thought battle scenes. In Vera’s works there is a place for by tragedy and irony, philosophy and emotions and above all the love of life. The author has won many awards among which is the award for the best Russian fantasy novel.